All grooming services and care for dogs in the Grooming Studio WooFF are performed exclusively by a qualified person. After being involved in cynology for over 20 years, attending numerous national and international dog shows, performing various functions in the local cynological association including the role of president for more than one term, and owning an Australian Silky Terrier kennel whose dogs have been awarded many national and international titles both in Croatia and abroad, the owner of Grooming Studio WooFF owing to his boundless love for dogs, decides in 2002 to become a professional groomer.


Basic training: Italy (Udine)

  • Scuola della Toelettatura Moderna - International Grooming School
    • Mentor: Mr. Milocco, renowned specialist in Europe for grooming poodles

Further training: Germany (Magdeburg)

    • Mentor: Mrs. Schwalm, a recognized expert in grooming schnauzers and all long-haired terrier breeds.

In Grooming Studio WooFF dogs are not leashed to the table and owners can observe the entire process.


Dogs adopted from the shelter get their first grooming free of charge!